Drogba Pijak Kepala Messi Pagi Tadi!!

Inilah hadiah yang Messi dapat apabila gagal menjaringkan penalti..hahaha.

Chelsea melangkah ke perlawanan akhir setelah mengatasi Barcelona 3/2. Jikapun L Messi berjaya menjaringkan gol menerusi sepakan penalti, Chelsea akan tetap mara. Teringat Jokiden posting yang terdahulu, menguasi permainan 73/27 % belum tentu keluar sebagai pemenang. Ghairah menyerang sehingga kubu sendiri gagal dikawal, akibatnya saat-saat akhir pintu gol dibolosi lawan.

BN harus ambil pengajaran daripada perlawanan ini, jangan asyik menyerang orang lain siang malam, sesekali orang menyerang kembali, kok tak tertahan... 

For the first 30 minutes, everything was normal at the Camp Nou. Chelsea were playing with 10 men behind the ball and Barcelona were trying to break them down. The Blaugrana had some solid chances, but the Blues had their defense organized and didn't look terribly bothered. The last 15 minutes of the first half were absolutely nothing like the first 30.

Sergio Busquets leveled the tie for Barcelona in the 33rd minute, which was followed up by a sending off for John Terry. Shortly afterwards, Andres Iniesta scored, which should have all but ended the tie. Improbably, Chelsea found a way to score on the counter with an absolutely brilliant goal by Ramires, and inexplicably, the Blues are going through as it stands. Barcelona leads 2-1 on the night at halftime, with the tie locked up at 2-2 and Chelsea ahead on away goals.

Before things went absolutely insane, there were two injuries to central defenders that looked like they were going to be the game's biggest stories. Gary Cahill injured his hamstring in the 7th minute and attempted to continue, but could not. He was replaced by Jose Bosingwa in the 12th minute, a substitution that moved Branislav Ivanovic to the center of defense.

In the 17th minute, Didier Drogba, Victor Valdes and Gerard Pique all collided with Pique getting the worst of the challenge. The Barcelona defender attempted to continue, but like Cahill, was not able to do so. Unlike Cahill, there's a good chacne that he played for five minutes with a concussion. He was replaced by Dani Alves in the 25th minute.

Barcelona got on the board 33 minutes in through Sergio Busquets, and he couldn't have had a simpler finish. The start of the move was a Barcelona corner kick that was easily cleared away by Chelsea, but their defense seemed to fall asleep after the clearance. Dani Alves got onto it and played the ball wide for Isaac Cuenca, who sent a cross into the box. It went through everyone and found Busquets, who scored a tap-in to level the tie 1-1.

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